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maximum effect

Tem­per­aturen –

mainkryo° –

if ultralow temperatures help people

Low temperatures for the perfect feeling

If we can move something with low temperatures, it warms our heart. That is why we are developing intelligent technology that will advance you and your customers. With mainkyro° you can use the controlled power of very low temperatures and rely on perfected security. Using minus degrees in medicine and for health has proven its worth. We take refrigeration technology to the next level.

cost-reduced operation

through cascade technology

long service life

through the use of premium materials

high availability

through perfected operational safety processes


Mainkryo ° technology is the result of a permanent development process. These are positive demarcation features for the customer and user.

Energy efficiency

through the use of energy-optimized scroll compressor technology

Chamber system

made of high-quality PUR foam, free of toxic emissions, odorless, insensitive to chemicals, fungi and microbes

high system compatibility

der Hardware zur Software durch eigenentwickelte Schnittstellen

customer benefits

High sales potential through intelligent technology
Simple operation via touch & use
Safe operation without the use of liqiud nitrogen
Individuali­sierbare Technik und Aus­stattung
only one contact for planning, production, aftersales and merchandising

Use in medicine

For centuries, people have specifically used cold to treat symptoms of illness - whether for pain, inflammation or injury. The areas of application of refrigeration applications in medicine are diverse. Doctors use whole-body cold applications and local cold air therapy in orthopedics, neurology and dermatology and thus support the treatment of rheumatism, neurological disorders or neurodermatitis. Even in the case of sleep disorders and psychosomatic symptoms, some doctors supplement their therapy with the use of ultralow temperatures and use the natural physiological reactions of the human body.

Use in sports

Sport shapes and challenges the human body. From the hobby area to competitive sports, the correlation between regular exercise and subsequent regeneration is essential for health. Cold therapy makes an important contribution to the treatment of sports injuries and support for regeneration. In addition, cold therapy can be used specifically to optimize performance.

Use in wellness

Health gives beauty, radiates outward appearance and gives inner satisfaction. Many factors play a role in developing and maintaining this health. One is the reaction of the human body to low temperatures, the gain in vitality through their effects can be felt and measured.


Medical technology companies and research institutes must have a large number of biological samples (human, animal or plant tissue, DNA, RNA, vaccines, biological fluids, blood or its components) that can be used for future medical research or medical application, under consistent, fully traceable conditions Store conditions. Mainkryo ° STORE® is a cost-effective system for storing up to 12800 cryotubes

Intelligent technology

The technology developed and internationally patented by mainkryo ° enables the reaching of lowest temperatures in an effective and cost-efficient way. mainkryo ° has focused the development on the use of scroll compressors that have been tried and tested in refrigeration technology. A specialized development of series compressors and their qualification for use at extreme temperatures is a novelty here. During the further development, the competencies of several compressor manufacturers were brought together in order to achieve high system flexibility. mainkryo° technology relies on state-of-the-art communication technologies to network the hardware components. A specially developed software communicates via network with every mainkryo° system worldwide. The knowledge gained in this way automatically flows into development processes and system-wide updates.


Aber bin ich allein deshalb ein schlechterer Text als andere? Na gut, ich werde nie in den Bestsellerlisten stehen. Aber andere Texte schaffen das auch nicht. Und darum stört es mich nicht besonders blind zu sein. Und sollten Sie diese Zeilen noch immer lesen, so habe ich als kleiner Blindtext etwas geschafft, wovon all die richtigen und wichtigen Texte meist nur träumen.

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